GoLocal Telegram-bot:
easy way to find out what happens nearby and to help people
Platform for organizations and active citizens
GoLocal is a chatbot that works everywhere worldwide. You just need to have the Internet connection and the Telegram app on your phone.

GoLocal helps to know what has happened nearby, so anyone can become a volunteer and help others. You can also leave your request to coordinate your actions and solve problems faster together.
Know what happens nearby
GoLocal uses your location and shows what is happening around. You can also subscribe to different topics and get notifications about promotions and special offers nearby.
Uber for volunteers: you decide when it's time to help other people
Everybody knows Uber. For passengers it's a way to get from point A to point B. For drivers – perfect opportunity to use their free time and car to earn money. As a volunteer you will be able to get notifications from people and organizations near you. You will decide when to be active and get notifications about new requests and when to be off.
Find a help
You can leave requests on different topics and active users nearby will see them – that means you will solve your problems faster. You can leave a request on one of the topics:

1. Lost - lost people
2. Animals - help a pet
3 .Helpers - volounteers wanted
4. Emergency - crime scenes and recent incidents
5. Activism - local civic actions
6. Ecology - recycling, garbage pits
7. Discounts - best offers in nearby shops and cafe
8. Giveaway - goodies exchange and giveaway
Collect geodata
Any request is shown as a geolocation, text and media (photo, video or voice message). All data can be downloaded in a CSV-file that will allow you to visualize it on the map.
Main Menu
Choose your language and share your location to start using GoLocal
My subscriptions
You can subscribe to various topics and get requests and special offers from other users or companies nearby
Update location
GoLocal uses your location so it's very important to share your actual location every time you change it to get correct requests nearby
My requests
Here you can leave a few help requests and active users within 50 km who subscribed to your request topic will get a notification
Admin support
Please write us if you have any questions or need help. You can send voice messages, photos and videos
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